My team and I, we have a passion to help people. We are in Peoples business, we don't have unhappy cients, we work hard.

We are team of trusted and well trained professionals, who strives to provide you with the best solutions. We are proud all our Realtors have highest achievement Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals and traineed by #1 in the world Coach famous - Mr. Craig Proctor.

Clients are impressed by the dedication and effort we put into making sure that our clients receive top quality service and amazing results. Explore my website to find detailed listing information, buying guides, selling guides, best mortgage rates and other features that suit your real estate requirements. ​

Discover why we love to get you top dollars and can deliver best savings and more money in your pocket

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian Polish, Greek, Hindu and Punjabi

Rav Sandhu is new realtor in my team. He brings lots o of positive energy, deep knowledge of finances. He is smart and Intelligent.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Hindu and Punjabi.
Lidia Kulish is expirinced Realtor, very nice person, very passionate about helping people. She brings to the team more than 20 years of work Experience in CMHC (Canadian Mortgage Housing corporation) Lidia is a real pleasure to work with

Languages: Engish, French, Ukrainian
Marina is experienced Realtor, constantly looking for a great Investment oppportunities, pre- construction expert. Marina Speaks Russian. Expert in Nort and East and Central parts of Toronto.
Terry is an experienced realtor, 8 years of commercial and residential real estate. He is very technical, Experienced Investor, Expert in pre-construction. Specializes in Eeast, North and Central Parts of Toronto GTA

Languages Spoken: Greek, English
Myla is a great Realtor, has an awesome sense of humor. Experienced investor, expert in pre-construction. Specializes in Central and West of GTA

Languages spoken Ukrainian, Russian and English
Proffesional Photography and Videos.
Youtube channel,
Artificial Intelegence,
Guru in any computer realated tasks

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian
Jeremy Warhol - Digital Marketing, Social media and Youtube, Blog posts, Videos compiling, end edditing .
Posts and Artificial Intellegence, also he is helping with technical issues
He brings energy and creative ideas, how to advertise your home better in the most effective way and reach more clients

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian, Russian
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